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Welcome to ABC Pest Control - Pest Control Sutherland 

ABC Pest Control - Pest Control Sutherland offers the best pest control methods in the industry for treating ant, termite, rat, mice and bee infestations in homes and commercial premises including offices, hotels and restaurants throughout Sutherland. ABC Pest Control - Pest Control Sutherland are the experts in pest control for residential and commercial customers.

Call on ABC Pest Control - Pest Control Sutherland before your pests get out of control.

Our Pest Control Sutherland services are simply the best.  We use only environmentally friendly techniques which have helped us to build a strong reputation amongst the Sutherland community as the best pest control service in Sutherland.

By using ABC Pest Control - Pest Control Sutherland, you can sleep soundly knowing that our pest control treatments are highly effective at eliminating pests, with the latest technology available in the pest control industry.


Cockroach Pest Control Sutherland

The word "cockroach" comes from the Spanish word "cucaracha" that means "crazy bug". The German cockroach is the most common of the pests in the Sutherland area. Cockroaches eat pretty much anything, such as left-over food scraps in the home, paper, wood, leather, tooth paste and even cigarette butts. Protect your precious home from nasty cockroaches by giving ABC Pest Control - Pest Control Sutherland a call now!


Bee Pest Control Sutherland

Our expert pest controllers at ABC Pest Control - Pest Control Sutherland will remove bee swarms and nests safely. Bees are the most beneficial insect species because they pollinate plants, producing honey and bee's wax. However, they are considered a pest when they start to build their nests in the wrong places. Bees can build nests in your attic, vents, crawl spaces or hollow walls.


Ant Pest Control Sutherland

The black ant is the species of ant that is a pest in Australia. ABC Pest Control - Pest Control Sutherland can remove an ant infestation in your home effectively. Ants like fats and oils, sweets, meat, pet food and breads. There are about 15,000 ant species around the world, and 1275 of these live in Australia.

Silverfish Pest Control Sutherland

Your silverfish infestation can be eliminated by calling or emailing the pest control experts at ABC Pest Control - Pest Control Sutherland today! Silverfish are often considered to be household pests. These timid insects eat and damage materials that contain carbohydrates. These can include sugar and cereals, wallpaper, book bindings and clothes as they contain starch.

Rat Pest Control Sutherland

Rats can create a big problem in your home. They increase fire risk, cause property damage and pose a threat to the health of you and your family through the transfer of parasites and diseases. A regularly scheduled pest inspection by the professionals at ABC Pest Control - Pest Control Sutherland can start the process of eradicating rats from your home and your life.


Mice Pest Control Sutherland

Mice are located around homes and buildings that have poor hygiene levels, such as kitchens and garages. They are found where the food is found! Mice are rodents considered to be harmful pests. Mice, just like rats, can chew wire, get into food areas and pose health risks.


Bed Bug Pest Control Sutherland

Bed bugs are the small insects that drink human blood. They seek blood meals at night, and live in bed frames and furniture cracks and crevices in your bedroom. These hiding places provide them with security. They can walk to adjoining rooms and be carried in luggage.


Spider Pest Control Sutherland

Whilst most Sutherland spiders are harmless, there are a few that pose significant risk to humans and animals with their venomous bite. If you are concerned, spider infestations are best treated by professional pest control technicians who are trained to carry out the safest and most appropriate form of eradication.   




Tick Control Sutherland

Sutherland can claim one of this country's highest incidences of the paralysis tick Ixodes holocyclus. The female of this species is the one that poses the greatest danger to your pets. Not to mention yourself and anyone else in the family. Contact ABC Pest Control today and have Ticks removed from your Sutherland home the right way.



Flea Control Sutherland

ABC Pest Control Sydney specializes in end of lease flea treatments and pest control services. It is common for a real estate to have terms in your tenancy agreement regarding end of lease pest control, in some cases if you have had pets in your home or backyard it would require you to have a flea treatment done.




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General Pest Control Packages Sutherland
Pests Include:
  • Carpet Beatles
  • Large Cockroaches
  • Silverfish
  • Spiders


Deluxe Pest Control Packages Sutherland


  • Cockroaches
  • Rodents
  • Spiders
  • Carpet Beetles
  • Silverfish
  • Paper Wasps
  • Bull Ants
For addtional services including bees, flees, ticks, black/brown ants and funnel web spiders call ABC Pest Control today.
ABC Pest Control - Pest Control Sutherland services include :

    Termite Control
    Mice Control
    Pest Control
    Pest Inspections
    Cockroach Control
    Bees & Wasps Control
    Ants Control
    Spider Control
    Fleas Control
    Bed Bug Control

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